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Village Harvest in 2022

The Village Harvest grew in 2022 both in numbers and food.  The number of people served rose from 999 to 1,051  and pounds of food from 14,303 to 15,302. The percentages of growth are 5% for people and 7% for food.  This compared to 2019 (8%) and 3% for people and food respectively. (The 2019 harvest had only 11 periods and thus the numbers were annualized for the comparison). Additionally, the positive growth in both people and food had not occurred together since 2016.

One comparison is reviewing the Harvest is to consider. pounds per person. In 2022  it was 14.6 pounds closely followed in 2021 at 14.32. The 2022 figures not only posted an increase but are the best in the 8 year history of the harvest!  Another achievement in 2022 was going over 10,000 people served over the lifetime of the Harvest

Thanks goes out to Eunice Key one of the originators of the program and who provide the name, “Village Harvest”.  The success of the harvest is due to volunteers like Eunice and Cookie and Johnny Davis who have delivered food from the Healthy Harvest Food bank month after month as well as Jim and Elizabeth Heimbach.  Kudos also go out to our current director Andrea Pogue who has contributed many pictures to display the Harvest.

Sermon, Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 2022

Sermon, Christmas Day III, 2022
John 1:1-14

In the magisterial opening of John’s gospel, John describes a great cosmic darkness into which life and light come—the Word made flesh, Jesus. 

Ultimately, what difference does the coming of Jesus make to us several thousand years later?   Why should we care?

Because as John points out, the world does not care.  The world did not know Jesus, and does not know Jesus now. 

So I ask you, “Why should we care?  Why should we accept this Word into our lives?”

Because as St Athanasius says, “For the Son of God became man so that we might become gods.” 

That is, we can only be what we are until we come across Jesus, and if we receive him, then our lives begin to expand, not only on this earth, but out into eternity. 

As John puts it, “For all who receive him, who believe in his name, he gives the power to become children of God, who are born not just as flesh and blood, but born of God.”

That’s why the coming of Jesus makes a difference, and why we should care.  Because receiving Jesus draws us into the life of God, into eternity beginning now, into love and into light, even in the darkness that surrounds us. 

When we choose to become children of God, our vision changes.  God gives us the great desire to see into the essence of the universe, to see into the essence of God’s creation, and to see deep into the hearts of one another. 

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Christmas Services

Our Christmas services this week and next. A time to worship with friends and neighbors in one of the holiest times. There is always room in this inn! Christmas blessings to all!

Sunday Links, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

Communion, Dec. 18

Dec. 24, 4:00pm – Christmas Eve

Dec. 25, 11:00am – Christmas Day

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  • The Christmas Eve service did not go as expected. Our video stream was shutdown by an electric failure. Our organist was sick and others were away. We couldn’t do Silent Night in German due to the illness of our German speakers

    We pivoted and the service was different but meaningful. We rearranged the bulletin. We had 2 large families who came in force and we went out caroling to a parishioner family who was ill. All ages came together.

    During the service two ladies in the choir (Denise Gregory, Mary Peterman) provided all the music on piano and flute. And it worked! They came back on Christmas day and performed as well. Our hearts and thanks go out to them.

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