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Village Harvest, 9 months 2022 boosts totals over 2021

Through, Sept 2022, St. Peter’s has fed 794 people exceeding the 9 month period in 2021 which saw 723 come to the Harvest. Food distributed has been less, however, at 10,848 vs. 10,976 pounds, a 1.1% decline.  Pounds per person fell in the last year from 15.2 to 13.7.  However, 13.7 is still ahead of the years before 2020.

The  selections of food was concentrated in produce 35%, grocery 31% and meat 34%. The produce percentage was the largest since May at 43% 1,089 pounds were distributed in Sept.  compared to 915 in August, the low for 2022.  1,089 pounds is still under the 12 month average of 1,181.

Village Harvest, Aug 17 serves 89 people from 4 counties

August surged ahead of last month feeding 89 people compared to 74.  It was just above the average number per month of 88 in 2022.  Clients were from 4 counties, Caroline, King  George,  Westmoreland, and Essex. It was above 70 clients in August, 2019, the year before the pandemic.

Pounds of food for August at 915 were below the average of 1219 for 2022. Pound per person at 10.30 was the lowest figure since January. Elizabeth Heimbach reports, “For the first time that I can remember, there is nothing to take to Social Services! The freezer, the refrigerator, and the coolers are empty. The blue berries, corn, and meat were very welcome.” (Last month there was sizeable amount left over which they give to social service). Pounds per person has been 13.82 in 2022 for 8 months (For 2021 as a whole it was slightly higher at 14.32/)

The food in April was 21% produce, 71% grocery and 8% meat. (A year ago produce was higher at 33% and meat higher at 17%.)

For the year we have served 706 people for the first 8 months compared to 640 for the same period last year. The food available last year was 10,179 pounds compared to 9,759 this year or 420 pounds less. Pounds per person for the year has also been less this year at 13.82 vs. 15.90 last year.

Village Harvest, July 2022 – What happened?

When we look back in July and over recent years, the trends from June to July show either a steady increase or a sizeable drop. There is no consistency between years.

We had 74 people visit the harvest in July.  That was  a significant drop from 96 in June.  In 2021, the number from June to July  was actually up from 70 to 80 reflecting an increase. 2020 was a pandemic year. In 2019 the number of clients fell from 130 to 101. The year before there was an increase from 100 to 119. So it’s  “all over the place.” For the year 2022 is just above 2021, 617 to 615 but the difference between the years has been decreasing.

The real value is in the food provided – and that is up . We distributed 1,254 pounds of food, the largest distribution since March. The year it is 8,841 pounds for 2022 vs 8,718 for 2021. Pounds per client were up monthly from 14.18 to 14.33. The last full year was 2019 which was only 12 pounds. Similarly, the value per client at $6 a pound averaged from  $86 to $88 monthly during the period. It was $81 in 2019, the last full year. 

One positive is the composition of the foods. Produce shot up from 9% to 34%. In 2019 and 2021 it was comparable at 36%.  Meat was the main change at 19% in July, 2022 compared to 15% in 2021 and 7% in 2019

Village Harvest – Behind the scenes, June 2022

We sometimes forget there is more than one team that makes the Village Harvest happen. These pictures were taken at the Healthy Harvest Food Bank in Montross on June 14, 2022, one day before the Harvest on June 15, 3pm to 5pm

The facility is modern. The picture shows the facility powered by solar panel. The food is gathered and this month placed in Helmut’s truck. (Cookie and Johnny who usually do this leg were away Wisconsin).

Thanks to Denise, Catherine, Andrea and Helmut who helped to gather the food i

The Village Harvest at June– increase in numbers

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Understanding trends of the Village Harvest in May

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