We are a small Episcopal Church on the banks of the Rappahannock in Port Royal, Virginia. We acknowledge that we gather on the traditional land of the first people of Port Royal, the Nandtaughtacund, and we respect and honor with gratitude the land itself, the legacy of the ancestors, and the life of the Rappahannock Tribe. Our mission statement is to do God’s Will in all that we do.

Giving Tuesday, Nov. 29 – the background

Why give ? The Village Harvest addresses the Food Insecurity issue in surrounding counties and is one our key ministries. Food insecure definition – These households to not have access, at all times, to enough food for an active, healthy life for all household members. Food insecure is not the same as poverty. Many of those in poverty are not food insecure though poverty is one cause of food insecurity. Food insecurity is associated with numerous adverse social and health outcomes and is increasingly considered a critical public health issue. Key drivers of food insecurity include unemployment, poverty, and income shocks, which can prevent adequate access to food. Figures for food insecurity are expressed as a percentage of the population. Here is the data for the local counties which we serve:
County %
Caroline 7.4%
Essex 11.0%
Westmoreland 10.7%
King George 5.6%
Virginia as a whole 7.7%

St. Peter’s spends about $2000 a year on food purchased from the Healthy Harvest Food Bank for the Village Harvest.

Our goal is to raise $500 or about 25% during Giving Tuesday.

Thanks to the generosity of St Peter’s, not only are we able to provide food, but Catherine has also been able to use her discretionary fund to help these people in other ways.  

During the first  11 months of 2022, we have fed 970 people compared to 898 in the previous year during the same period.  The amount of food provided is about the same – 13,834 pounds for 2022 and 13,292 for 2021. Pounds per person, however, were higher in 2021 at 14.80 compared with 14.26 in the current year

You can give at this link which has the mail and online address for Village Tuesday.. Many thanks for your help!