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Holy Week, Monday

Walk with Jesus in his suffering and share in his resurrection during Holy Week. 

The Biblical verses below will lead you along Jesus’ path of Monday of Holy Week.   There are links to several commentaries, including  a link from “Progression of Faith” that includes a summary based on The Last Week (Borg/Crossan).   Today there is also a link focusing on Holy Week art.

“Philosopher Charles Taylor has written that in sacred times chronology seems to disappear. That is true about Holy Week. The days become linked together and when we live through this period, we’re actually experiencing as it happened. We actually enter into the story, enter into the narrative in a more real way than we enter into any other day of the year” – Rev. Philip Jackson, Trinity Wall Street.

Monday, March 25, 2024 – The Temple

Jesus Cleansing the Temple

On Monday morning Jesus and the Twelve leave Bethany to return to Jerusalem, and along the way Jesus curses the fig tree

Fig Tree is cursed –

Mark 11:12-14

Matthew 21:18-19

Jesus enters Jerusalem and clears the temple

Temple Protest – Mark 11:15-19

Matthew 21:12-13

Luke 19:45-46

John 2:13-17

In the evening Jesus and the Twelve leave Jerusalem (returning to Bethany )

Mark 11:19

Focus on Holy Week – Art of Holy Week


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