We are a small Episcopal Church on the banks of the Rappahannock in Port Royal, Virginia. We acknowledge that we gather on the traditional land of the first people of Port Royal, the Nandtaughtacund, who are still here, and we honor with gratitude the land itself and the life of the Rappahannock Tribe. Our mission statement is to do God’s Will in all that we do.

Summer Party for Youth and Children

What’s better than a party before school reopens!! St Peter’s Episcopal Church women welcomed a group of youth and children from Port Royal for lunch and games on Wednesday, August 9th. School starts next week.

This was the first summer event for Port Royal since the pandemic. In 2019, we had a program during June and part of July. Here is a link to an event in late July, 2019.

This year focused on pure entertainment. The children had fun playing various games. The giant bubble maker was a huge hit. Also, everyone guessed how many M&Ms were in a large container (1984 M&Ms!). The winner gave everyone else some M&Ms to take home.

Adults and children enjoyed eating pizza, watermelon, and grapes for lunch in the pavilion. All of the children got to take home a selection of books, thanks to Elizabeth and The Little Free Library program. Thanks to all who attended and all who worked to make this enjoyable time a success.

Thanks to the work of the ECW and planning by Andrea Pogue and Elizabeth Heimbach. Thanks in addition to Dave and Jean for helping out.

Photos, Youth Pool Party, Aug 13, 2023

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The Youth end of summer came to the Davis household on Aug 13 at 2pm. School begins this week. Instead of a blessing of back packs, the focus was on water – the waters of baptism and the waters for recreation. They first discussed baptism. Most could not remember their baptism so it was appropriate for Catherine to lead them in the renewal of their baptism vows. They discussed the differences between John the Baptism focus on repentence and Jesus baptism with the Holy Spirit.

Swimming was next on the agenda. Since it was a hot day, the water was refreshing, even for Jack, the Davis dog.

About 4pm there was an ice cream social – making your ice cream in a bowl and or cone. There were at least 5 flavors of ice cream. After this there were games – a bean bag game, in particular. The hummingbirds fluttering around were a visual treat. We learned how much sugar and water was needed to keep them happy.

The party concluded at 5pm. Time for school!

St. Peter’s Chrismas Play, a 25 year tradition

St. Peter’s Christmas play has been different from the typical Children’s Church play. It will be held on 2nd Advent this year, Dec. 3, 2022

First it has involved parishioners of all ages and not just children. Second it takes up most of the Sunday service. Lastly the play is written fresh every year. No repeats. The tradition began in the 1990’s under the Rev. Karen Woodruff when there were many children in the parish.

Here is a collection of Christmas pageants from 2010.

This year St Nicholas will visit the 11AM service and the St Peter’s youth will take the lead in playing holiday music for the congregation.

Youth Group, Sun Oct. 23

8 youth, Catherine and three parents met in the Parish House for a pizza dinner followed by discussions, music, in the church finally closing with Compline.

The discussions centered the role of Jesus in our lives and music in the temple. Some of the same instruments we use today were used then with music in the temple.

The youth brought their instruments. New combinations were explored – two trumpets together, a piano lead for singers.

Next month we will finalize the program which will occur on 4th Advent Dec. 18. Catherine will write a play to coincide with it. Compline was read at the end of the evening with the youth taking several of the readings.

Youth Group Oct. 23, 2022(full size gallery)

The Psalms and Music

Talking with Jesus

Reading Compline

A Youth Group is organizing

Sept 25 was the first meeting of a revitalized youth group. The 8 youth have a common interest in music so we had 2 trumpets, 1 French Horn, 1 piano player and 4 singers. They are all working on Christmas Music. Each played a Christmas piece individually.

Catherine suggested playing for the Dec. 18 service which is traditionally the Christmas Play. Catherine would write a play around their music talents.

We ended the evening with an introduction to the Prayer Book and the saying of Compline with the adults present.