Photos from the Saylor fellowship, Nov. 5, 2022

About 25 gathered from 2 St. Peter’s churches as a fund raiser for the home that is being built in Jamaica for a family member at St. Peter’s. It was a beautiful, warm night with the sky moving to a full moon on Nov. 8

The fellowship included “What’s in the sock game” where people guessed what was in up to 20 socks. (At least 2 identified all!). Andrea Pogue’s Nov. 5 birthday was celebrated. Dinner included multiple sets of chili with bread and a dessert table that included pecan pie, peanut butter pie and cupcakes. The evening shifted into singing with Larry Saylor leading the group from a distributed song book. Well planned! There was time left for roasting marshmallows.

At the Saylors (full size gallery)