World Communion Sunday, Oct. 2

Oct. 2 is "World Communion Sunday" What is World Communion Sunday? Churches this Sunday all over the world celebrate oneness in Christ in the midst of the world ever more in need of peacemaking and the universal and inclusive nature of the church. The tradition originated in the Shadyside Presbyterian Church in 1933, was adopted …

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Season of Creation – Reading and Discussion on Climate Change

The Season of Creation (Sept. 1-Oct. 4) will soon be  upon us. The Bible speaks of a God who is not passive or distant, but active and involved in helping to make creation new. We need to understand our role in renewing creation through reducing our use of greenhouse gases which imperils our environment.

During the Season of Creation  we would like to have a zoom discussion group around the book  Goodside’s M.O.R.E Model for effective climate action. The book brings climate change issues to the forefront in basic, easy to understand language 

The M.O.R.E, acronym stands for Measure. Offset, Reduce and Educate   The idea is for you to develop your own plan for reduction of your use of greenhouse gases. Before we can consider reduction, there is some education required – why do  we need to reduce ?  Before we can reduce we have to measure our use of  greenhouse gases to know how much we have to reduce. We also need some options with reduce, including offset.  It all works together The key words are “you” “model” and climate action”.  You need a plan of action and encourage others to do the same.  We would like to cause a ripple effect .

The book is free to download.
Goodside’s M.O.R.E.

Let Catherine know  – if you are interested in this discussion. Thanks! We will schedule based on the level of interest..

Markers for Caroline’s Promise completed~

St Peter’s goal was to collect 250 boxes of markers, eight to a box for Caroline County school children, to be distributed by Caroline’s Promise on Saturday, July 23rd at Caroline Middle School.

As of Sunday, July 17, we had 183 markers with another 67 to go. We reached 250 during the next week, in time for the distribution.

The photo shows the delivery to Caroline Middle. Thanks to all who contributed!

Sunday Links for July 3, 2022

July 3, 11:00am – Eucharist

We had a diverse crowd 26 in the service and 5 online. However, we had Brad Saylor’s family visiting from Africa (8 or so) and Peter from Wales. We had ample time for dialogue – the sermon featured it. It was also first Sunday coffee hour called “Cookies and Conversation”. It was a picturesque Sunday with not only the regular flowers but special flower for a parishioner’s mother born on July 4. The town had their July 4 flags out. We introduced our task to provide 250 markers for school children by the middle of the month.

We even had enough children for an impromptu children’s sermon.

It was one of the most important Gospel lessons from Luke 10 – in essence how to spread Jesus teaching with his sending out of the 70.

The mission was the same as Jesus’ own ministry: “cure the sick” and “say to them, ‘the kingdom of God has come near to you.’”

There are two basic tasks 1. Bring the message, “God’s kingdom has come close to you!” All this is in the present tense and not the future. 2. Show by action. Bring deeds of the kingdom. (Namely, heal the sick.) Tell them the good news that “the kingdom of God has come near to you” (v. 9): it’s partly already here! The teams went out with an urgent message. “Turn around people – and seek peace – God’s reign has come close to you!” The message is timeless.

Notice how Jesus only tells them what they should do and doesn’t say anything about measuring their success. The version 16 paragraph closes with another note about success. We are not to rejoice about our success in our various ministries, but to rejoice “that your names are written in heaven,” that is, that we are part of this kingdom of God which we are proclaiming.

So, the essence of the mission is to live out the relationship with God that has been given to us through Jesus Christ. And this is what it looks like; don’t travel alone, do travel light, not worry about what is up ahead, just share peace and healing if you can.

Midsummer’s Night – June 21-24

We pass Midsummer’s Night in June . European celebrations that accompany the actual solstice, or that take place on a day between June 21 and June 24, and the preceding evening

 The Midsummer’s night celebration began in pre -Christian times when it was believed that forces could slip between this world and the next at a time when there was more light than at any time of the year. Fires were lit to ward off the evil spirits.  

Bishop Susan Goff visited St. Peter’s, Sun June 19 for confirmation

Bishop Susan Goff’s visitation occurred on June 19. The last Bishop visit was Bishop Ihloff in 2019. She substituted for the Rt. Rev. Jennifer Brooke-Davidson who had a death in the family Arthur Duke and Cornesha Howard were confirmed with a covered dish luncheon following the service. Bishop visitation and confirmation June 19, 2022(full size …

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Commentary, June 19, 2022, Pentecost 2

Today’s readings focus on the understanding of how Jesus’ presence changes our lives. Isaiah describes God’s necessary judgment and promise of final deliverance and cleansing for the people. The psalmist yearns for God’s presence, especially in times of suffering. Paul writes to the Galatians of their unity and freedom in Christ Jesus. Jesus’ begins his …

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World Refugee Day, June 20

“Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.” – Hebrews 13:2 World Refugee Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2000 to honor the contributions of those we do not know, refugees throughout the world, and to raise …

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