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In Pursuit of Peter – Confession

Caesarea Philippi

Video on Peter’s Confession

The first 5 minutes are the most important. You are there at the same place where the confession occurred.

Transcript of the key moment

“Jesus has come to this center for pagan worship.( Caesarea Philippi in Israel). Everything here would be abhorrent to a conservative jew, like Peter. The deities of the pagan world were more active, and more powerful in certain locations than others, and this surreal-looking place, to them, was a place where you could expect deities to be active. what you’re standing on here would be full of worshipers… of the deity, pan, whose statue is going to be tucked in here. In fact, Eusebius, the church historian, says this cave was the entrance to hades. Many people made the trek here to worship the Greek god, Pan. Pan was half human, with the hind legs and the horns of a goat. His powers were said to rule over nature, and especially fertility. the words “panic” and “pandemonium” have their origins in the myths surrounding pan. The religious expression of pan’s worshipers played out in acts of raw lust and hedonism. The scene to be deeply disturbing to Peter – every norm of observant Judaism would be violated. A high point for Peter’s discipleship of Jesus occurs here. You know Jesus begins by asking them, “who do people say that i am?” some of the disciples say, “you’re a prophet, “some say you’re Elijah.” And Peter finally nails it, “you are the Christ, the messiah, the son of god, “fulfillment of messianic promises.” And that’s a huge moment, and Jesus, in effect, says, “you got it.”

“When Jesus asked the disciples, “who do people say that i am?” and he starts to hear answers that fit the sea of galilee context, he says, “but what about you?” and Peter’s right there. He’s going, “oh, i get it. “You want us to put the question in the right context. “You are the Christ,” and then he adds, “the son of the living god. in contrast to everything “that’s claiming authenticity here, you’re the real deal.” Jesus affirms what Peter said, and this is also a very significant statement. He says, “this has been revealed to you “by my heavenly father,” and then he says, “you are Peter,” and remembering that Peter means rock, “and on this rock i will build my church.” and this is an extraordinary moment for Peter.”