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Binge reading and other online resources on the Gospel of Mark

Article from BuildFaith

Mark opens with words from the prophet Isaiah: “See, I am sending my messenger ahead of you,” and indeed the gospel itself serves as a messenger for the life and ministry of Jesus. Written around 65-75, Mark proclaims the good news that Jesus is the messiah and Son of God.

From BuildFaith – “Last summer, my church hosted a gathering where we read the Gospel of Mark together, as a group, out loud, all at once. In short, we decided to binge-read all the episodes of Mark in one night. We gathered in the parsonage with about thirty people squeezed into an oddly-shaped circle (you could just as easily do this on a Zoom gathering), and read the Gospel together. We picked Mark because it was the shortest of the Gospels and we could read through it in one evening.”

Click the link above to see how it went.

Other online resources for the Gospel of Mark:

1. Bible Project on the Gospel of Mark

2. Gospel of Mark on Apple podcasts. Check out the app on Apple devices (iPad,Mac,Apple Watch, iTunes) and search for “Gospel of Mark”.