We are a small Episcopal Church on the banks of the Rappahannock in Port Royal, Virginia. We acknowledge that we gather on the traditional land of the first people of Port Royal, the Nandtaughtacund, and we respect and honor with gratitude the land itself, the legacy of the ancestors, and the life of the Rappahannock Tribe. Our mission statement is to do God’s Will in all that we do.

Reconciliation – on the “Field of Dreams” baseball field

Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella hears a voice in his corn field tell him, "If you build it, he will come." He interprets this message as an instruction to build a baseball field on his farm. The voice becomes more insistent, until he gives in and builds a baseball diamond, complete with lights for night games and bleachers for spectators on his farm. Then appear the ghosts of Shoeless Joe Jackson and the other seven Chicago White Sox players banned from the game for throwing the 1919 World Series to play the game again. When the voices continue, Ray seeks out a reclusive author to help him understand the meaning of the messages and the purpose for his field. 

But the real "He" who was to come is the farmer’s long estranged and now dead father. His father John asks, "Is this heaven?" To which, the farmer responds, "It’s Iowa." In a simple game of "catch" on the field they have a chance to talk, see life from the other’s point of view, and experience forgiveness and a restored relationship. A poignant scene.

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