We are a small Episcopal Church on the banks of the Rappahannock in Port Royal, Virginia. We acknowledge that we gather on the traditional land of the first people of Port Royal, the Nandtaughtacund, who are still here, and we honor with gratitude the land itself and the life of the Rappahannock Tribe. Our mission statement is to do God’s Will in all that we do.

Royal Caterers

Royal Caterers

For a number of years Cookie Davis, Eunice Key and Betty Kunstmann have been the major cooks for the Village Dinners on the first Wednesday of each month at St. Peter’s. It is a moneymaker for St. Peter’s as well as an event providing fellowship and outreach for the Port Royal Community.

Out of that Village Dinner relationship came the "Royal Caterers" to provide catered meals for outside groups. Their name came from a reception in April, 2008 for the Chapel Square Garden Club.  It was because they felt they "got the royal treatment in Port Royal."  

Unlike the Village Dinners, these meals would not be a church project but the trio would still give their profits back to the church. The location could be St. Peter’s but other locations as well depending on the function. There would be no advertising with all of the work coming through word of mouth    It’s a great stewardship idea using their talent and time.  

Cookie estimates they make between $250 and $850 depending on the size of the group and the menus used. All net profit goes to St. Peter’s. 

Eunice estimated the average cost per person at $15.00 which could vary according to the function. The typical menu has been lasagna, Italian bread, tossed salad and dessert for a hot meal. In summer or for most cold meals, they have served a fruited chicken salad, ham rolls, deviled eggs, pasta salad, strawberry salad and desserts. Many times the desserts have been a trio of dessert bars (lemon bars, brownies and Texas sheet cake).

Here is a list of functions compiled from notes kept by Cookie and Eunice: 

April 19, 2005 Chapel Square Garden Club of Annandale  Garden Week Luncheon at Fall Hall  

July 6, 2006 House tour Luncheon at Camden 

Feb. 16, 2007 Sweet Heart Dinner for Ruritans at Fall Hall

Sept. 28, 2007 Eunice’s nephews wedding rehearsal at Frog Level

Dec. 13, 2007 Ruritan Christmas Dinner

April 22, 2008  Chapel Square Garden Club Luncheon
Their second visit to Port Royal! Thought they got the "royal treatment" and named us the "Royal Caterers" of St. Peters .

May 9, 2008
Catered a picnic at Gaymont complete with tables and chairs for 30 guests. Clarence joined us as server.    (Purchased matching aprons from the National Cathedral for the 3 of us.)

Royal Caterers aprons

Oct. 2, 2008 Camden Luncheon and Tour for the Telfair Museum of Arts, Inc. at Camden

Oct. 12, 2008
Lunch for the Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence at Fall Hall 

Dinner for Wisdom Wedding Rehearsal in Fredericksburg. 

April, 2010 Chapel Square Garden Club returns in Garden Week with lunch at Fall Hall

June 25, 2010 Heimbach/Collins Wedding Rehearsal Dinner at Fall Hall

Nov. 27, 2010 50th Anniversary Dinner at Fire Dept for Carl & Margaret Blevins

Sept. 1, 2011 – Daughters of 1812 tour/meeting at Berry Plain

Oct. 1, 2011 – Jamestown Society  at the Parish House

March 14, 2012  The Cloisters of Northern Va. Touring Port Royal Lunch at Fall Hall